HZM Participation in Cityscape Bahrain

HZM Coin participating in Cityscape Bahrain, a premium regional real estate exhibition, to showcase its newly lunched metaverse projects Nemo Land Kingdom. The annual convention makes a debut in the Kingdom of Bahrain this year, and will be held from 22nd to 24th November 2022, at the state-of-the-art newly constructed venue Exhibition World Bahrain.

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HZM Coin – The Firm and Resilient Journey from Arabia to The World


Credit cards have made it extremely common for people in the West to carry no cash; some even depend on their cell phones for Apple Pay. In the Arab World, however, it is still more common to pay in cash. Sometimes, it is the only method accepted. But cryptocurrency has allowed people to move money into a digital format while profiting from their investments.

There are numerous benefits to digital currency,

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Nemo Land Kingdom -The First Virtual Real Estate Metaverse in the Arab World

Not long ago, an online virtual world where you could immerse yourself by logging on to your computer and interacting with friends, family, and associates would have been futuristic.

A multidimensional consumer digital environment was considered a fantasy and science fiction concept. Unimaginable.

In stark contrast, reality has caught up with this once-theoretical advance in technology and the first metaverse in the Arab World, Nemo Land Kingdom, is now live.

As a result of human creativity,

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