Binance Launches in Bahrain with the Support of Central Bank and Economic Development Board

Hzm Coin on Binance

Binance, a leading global centralized exchange services provider, launched, a new and regulated platform where users can access Binance’s range of regulated products and services, including direct top ups and withdrawals in local currencies. To celebrate the launch, Binance hosted a high-profile event under the patronage of the Governor of the Central Bank of Bahrain, H.E. Rasheed Al Maraj, and the Chief Executive of the Bahrain Economic Development Board, H.E. Khalid Humaidan,

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HZM Sponsors Hidd Club Futsal Team.

HZM Coin, the leading digital currency platform, is proud to once again sponsor Hidd Club Futsal Team for the upcoming 2023 season. This partnership highlights the company’s commitment to supporting local sports and the community in which it operates.

Recently, the CEO of HZM Coin, Mohamed Al Zobaie, visited the club to sign the sponsorship deal. He was greeted by the team’s management and players, who expressed their gratitude for the company’s continued support.

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The Tribune – 2 Exciting Games That Await Investors of HZM Coin

The rise of cryptocurrency has led to several crypto companies looking to enter the gaming industry. This is not surprising, as gaming offers several advantages for cryptocurrency companies. For one, it provides a way to reach a large and engaged audience. As a result, many companies promote their coins through games to generate interest in their products. Moreover, games can also be used to generate revenue through in-game microtransactions. HZM Coin has also taken the same initiative.

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ThePrint – Here are 3 game-changing projects by HZM Coin

Arabic cryptocurrency is finally making progress in the crypto industry, thanks to the HZM coin. The founders of this coin have made sure that investors find it easy to use the platform. Moreover, they have also prioritized the safety and security of the transactions. The blockchain technology and decentralization of the HZM coin make it safe and convenient to buy and sell digital assets. Apart from taking time to improve the coin, the founders also have a list of projects they are working on.

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HZM Sponsors Padle Bahrain

HZM Coin is proud to announce it’s momentous sponsorship of Padel Bahrain championship.

This partnership showcases the power of digital technology in sports, HZM Coin joins forces with Padel Bahrain, this collaboration sets a remarkable precedent for the future of sports sponsorships.

Beyond the game, HZM Coin’s sponsorship demonstrates a shared commitment to pushing boundaries and embracing change. As the championship unfolds. It’s showcasing the positive influence of technology and sportsmanship.

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