The Metaverse, HZM Nemo Land Kingdom, and the Future

Did you know Facebook, now Meta, announced they would devote $150 million to educating the next generation of immersive creators for the metaverse?

Following the rebrand, metaverse emerged from science fiction anonymity into the mainstream spotlight in October last year. It’s now a buzzword for Wall Street economists, politicians, and privacy advocates.

Defined as the widely immersive digital experiences through virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) devices, the metaverse cultural significance and potential for changing the world is close at hand.

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HZM – ChicMic

HZM “Hazam”, the world’s first Arabic cryptocurrencysigns a strategic partnership agreement with one of India’s leading software development company “ChicMic” and launches the world of metaverse and Web3 based communication applications.

HZM, the first Arab crypto currency founded by Bahrainis, has signed a strategic partnership agreement with ChicMic to be its technological arm, which will oversee the completion and the launch of the remaining phases of the Nemo Land Kingdom project (the first Arab metaverse),

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The Importance of an Audit for Cryptocurrency Projects

Smart code audits are essential when considering the Ethereum chain split in 2016 because of a code vulnerability. An attacker exploited a “recursive call bug” to drain hundreds of millions of dollars from Ethereum (ETH) in the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) hedge fund. Millions of dollars were at risk. Subsequent community discussion about whether to return the funds forcibly triggered a hard fork.

With this in mind, and as part of its continuous effort to manage and mitigate risk,

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HZM – an Awareness Battle

The world’s first Arabic cryptocurrency is taking the global digital asset market by storm, posting record price appreciation since its July launch @ $0.0006.

Hazam – Arabic for ‘firmness’ – has attracted the world’s leading asset managers, private equity players and retail investors who are propelling stratospheric returns of the globe’s first ethnically-focused coin.

Compared to its competitive set, Hazam (ticker symbol ‘HZM’) has eclipsed Bitcoin, Ethereum and over-hyped meme coins to return attractive gains to investors since its debut four months ago.

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HZM – Time Square Ad

HZM Coin has started off the year very well, as HZM Ad was displayed on the Time Square for a week straight. It was recognized by many of the exchanges and has had their price chart displayed on the following: Binance, Coinbase, and more.

Despite the criticism HZM Coin has gotten, it was able to be recognized by the top exchange Binance. HZM kept proving people wrong along the way and was chosen to be among the 200 coins to be able to join CMC Gravity.

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Burn HZM Coin, How Token Burning Works and its Benefits

Burn HZM Coin, How Token Burning Works and its Benefits

Several cryptocurrency ventures have adopted token-burning to limit the number of tokens available for sale in recent years. Once burned, they render the tokens useless, and HZM is not exempt from this trend.

It’s the first Arabic cryptocurrency causing a stir on the global digital asset market after posting an unprecedented price surge since its launch in July 2021 at $0.0006.

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