A CertiK KYC badge (a “Badge”) is issued upon completion of “know your customers (KYC)” vetting process. The vetting process is designed with the aim of de-anonymizing developers and enhancing transparency in the crypto industry and it consists of the following procedures:

  1. Identity Verification. Collect [multiple forms of] identification documents from members of the project and run these documents through a third-party verification platform, in order to verify ID legitimacy, conduct liveness check and obtain an individualized risk score.
  2. KYC Questionnaire. Collects information from persons internal to and responsible for the project as well as documentary evidence showing their roles with respect to the project.
  3. Investigation & Review. Analyze and review the information collected through the procedures set forth above.
  4. Recorded Video Call. Conduct a live, recorded meeting to live-verify all of the identification documents provided.