Decoding GameFi: How Crypto Earning Games Are Reshaping Entertainment

Crypto earning games are gaining attention all over the world. For the novice, it is important to understand what are GameFi and what are the best crypto games currently trending.

What is GameFi?

GameFi is a relatively new concept in the crypto world. The word GameFI refers to Games and Finance.
In other words, it is a concept that allows users to earn cryptocurrency while gaming in the metaverse.

How does GameFi work?

GameFi is built using blockchain technology. It introduces the user to a world of gaming and Play-To-Earn (PTE) while making use of smart contracts.

Blockchain games, unlike traditional games, allow the player to earn while playing as well as own assets on the metaverse.

Difference between traditional games and crypto games

While it was still possible to earn rewards and possess items playing traditional games, wholly owning assets in crypto games is unique to blockchain games.

In traditional games, the ownership of assets is still in the hands of the game creator, whereas in crypto earning games, ownership lies with the user and is protected with indelible smart contracts.

How Crypto Earning Games Are Reshaping Entertainment

The best crypto games like HZM crypto games are attracting millions of users worldwide. The ability to earn real value in the form of cryptocurrency and own assets, property, and goods are just some of the most attractive features of these crypto metaverse games.

Also, trading or earning on the GameFi is through digital money or crypto currency. This implies a decentralized economy, eliminating the need for middlemen. Users have direct control over their assets and digital currency, giving them more power and command over their assets.

HZM crypto games: the future of entertainment

HZM Coin is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies available on the crypto exchange. Its surging market value is garnering a lot of attention among players.

The popular crypto earning games available on the HZM platform are not only entertaining but allow users to earn valuable HZM cryptocurrency.

HZM Carrom

This game is a multi-player game and allows players to participate in tournaments or compete with other players.

Additionally, HZM carrom allows you to chat and interact with other players while engaging in an entertaining gaming event.

HZM Pool

Visually appealing with skilled animation, HZM Pool is a highly interactive and enjoyable game. Learn to navigate the pool table from the screen of your mobile phone. Master the art of pocketing your prize and beating your opponents to earn valuable HZM coins.

HZM Camel Run

Running across the desert with obstacles on your way, this simple HZM Camel Run game is engaging and enthralling. HZM Camel Run will have you mesmerized throughout.

HZM Poker

Want to play a game of poker? HZM Poker allows you to play Poker tournaments with your friends and enter contests. Use your skill and expertise to win Poker rounds on HZM. With HZM Poker, you can enter a table of your choice and play on it.

What’s more? You have a set of free chips on HZM Poker for you to get started on your first round.

HZM Basketball

Dribble and slam dunk just like on a live court. Play HZM basketball through this entertaining and skillful crypto earning metaverse game.

The HZM Crypto games are specially designed with the user in mind. With more than one lucrative way to earn crypto while you play, these metaverse blockchain games are revolutionizing online gaming.

Indulge in several other games like HZM Dropsss, HZM Expressway and HZM City Sky for your ticket into Play-To-Earn.


Crypto Gaming, although a relatively new concept, is already making waves across the globe. The latest statistical report by Business Research Insights forecasts that the GameFi market is expected to reach a whopping USD 90.51 billion by 2031.

HZM has always been at the forefront when it comes to adapting to the latest trends in technology. With a focus on users, HZM offers entertaining crypto earning games that are safe and secure.

Built-on the Ethereum blockchain, the HZM Coin is one of the safest crypto currencies on the crypto exchanges.