mid-day – Everything You Need to Know Before Investing in HZM Coins

The advent of cryptocurrencies has made peer-to-peer currency trading much easier than before. By circumventing traditional financial institutions, cryptocurrencies have helped to level the playing field for traders worldwide. In addition, the decentralized nature of cryptocurrency trading has made it more resistant to fraudulent activity. However, some obstacles remain to overcome, such as high transaction fees and volatility. HZM Coin, with its decentralization and blockchain technology, provides a way to reduce transaction fees and eliminate the issues that crypto traders often face.

Things to know about the HZM coin

If you are new to the HZM coin, you may have several questions in mind. From the token’s platform to the total supply of the coins, you would want to know more about HZM before investing in it. Here are some of the details about the HZM coin that should give you a clearer picture:

  • Name of the token – HZM Coin
  • The platform on which the token operates – Ethereum Blockchain
  • Code of the coin’s old smart contract – 0xec1b7eb3d3cfac7027fa60b5376e5eadef4f1300. However, this contract has already been replaced, as per the information provided by CertiK Audit Report.
  • Code of the coin’s new smart contract – 0x069f967be0CA21C7D793D8C343f71e597D9a49b3
  • Maximum supply as per the old smart contract – 100 billion
  • Entire supply as per the new smart contract – 4,450,000,000
  • Name of the token ticker – HZM
  • Standard of the token – ERC20
  • Total old smart contract burned – 95.55 billion
  • The total supply as per the old contract – is 4.45 billion. This is after deducting the burned coins from the total amount.

Meaning of HZM

HZM or “Hazam” is based on creating a safer world for everyone. The founders believe that by working together, they can make a difference in the lives of people all over the globe. The name “Hazam” refers to “firmness.” It is an Arabic word that means integrity and commitment. According to the founders of HZM, this integrity and commitment to providing a safe and secure coin keep the team going. Everyone is aiming to make HZM one of the best crypto coins in the industry.


Significance of the Camel emblem

The camel is a well-known symbol of endurance and perseverance, attributes which are also highly valued in the HZM coin community. Furthermore, the emblem signifies a long journey and the determination to see it through to the end. In other words, the emblem of the camel represents the coin’s potential to overcome different challenges and create a positive change.

The HZM coin community is dedicated to supporting one another through life’s challenges, and the camel emblem is a reminder of that commitment. The founders are confident that working together can create a better future for enthusiastic investors.

As more businesses adopt blockchain technology, investors need to be aware of the benefits this system provides. HZM coin is one company using the Ethereum blockchain to secure transactions and provide a better trading experience for end-users. By understanding how this technology works, you can be sure that your purchases are safe and your information is protected.

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