HZM – an Awareness Battle

The world's first Arabic cryptocurrency is taking the global digital asset market by storm, posting record price appreciation since its July launch @ $0.0006.

Hazam - Arabic for 'firmness' - has attracted the world's leading asset managers, private equity players and retail investors who are propelling stratospheric returns of the globe's first ethnically-focused coin.

Compared to its competitive set, Hazam (ticker symbol 'HZM') has eclipsed Bitcoin, Ethereum and over-hyped meme coins to return attractive gains to investors since its debut four months ago.

HZM, is backed by a crypto 'Souq' (or market) which allows people to buy, sell and rent using crypto currencies. Alongside this unique marketplace, HZM is rolling out a slew of multi-generational mobile games.

Originally releasing 100 billion HZM Coins, the founders chose to burn 95.55%, leaving 4.5 billion coins only, out of which majority has been sold already. Our target to have only 4 Billion left on the Market.

Symbolised by the iconic camel, HZM represents a legendary journey, the ability to recoup energy and persevere in the face of life's various challenges.

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