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hzm basketball

Tap, score, and conquer the hoops!

Get ready to shoot for glory in HZM Basketball, the ultimate game transcending borders! Any player can engage in a global showdown, tapping their way to victory. Score against competitors from around the world, but keep an eye on the clock— it's a race against time. Step onto the court, tap, and dominate the game. HZM Basketball is where the thrill of competition meets the joy of scoring.




It's an easy game to learn but hard to master. All you need to do is tap and basket the ball and set the highest score. Challenge yourself as you navigate through new backgrounds — each tap counts. With a straightforward concept and endless excitement, this game is designed for everyone.



It's time to climb to the top of the leaderboard. The leaderboard shows the best players worldwide playing along with you. Do you have what it takes to score the highest points and become the champion of HZM Basketball?

New backgrounds, combo hits, and timed thrills

HZM Basketball guarantees hours of fun with easy taps. All you need to do is aim for the basket and set the highest score before the time runs out. Hundreds of players from around the world are competing with you to reach the top of the leaderboard. So, it's not going to be easy!

New Background

New Backgrounds

Play HZM Basketball on a different, vibrant background to set the highest score each time. Challenge yourself to adapt to the ever-changing environment, master the court, and aim for the top spot.

Combo hits

Combo Hits

Want to score better? Use combo hits to set up heat streaks and score more. It's always more fun when the ball is on fire!


Time Out

It's all about timing! Tap to create combo hits and score as much as possible before the time runs out. The best players know the trick to never miss.

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Where Every Tap Counts, Every Score Soars!

HZM Basketball brings the joy of basketball to your fingertips with easy taps, promising hours of fun as you aim for the basket and set high scores against the ticking clock. Engage in global competition on the leaderboard, where players worldwide strive for the top spot. Challenge yourself further with combo hits, igniting your game and scoring big, while perfect timing ensures you maximize every tap before the clock runs out.


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