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A digital platform that encourages users to lead a healthy lifestyle through challenges that track their physical activity. With regular running challenges, feel active, energetic, and motivated. Keep a log of calories burnt, time spent, speed, and distance, and see your statistics.

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Your Ultimate Running Companion for Challenges, Competition, and Personal Triumphs!

Camel Sport is the perfect digital running partner for fitness enthusiasts and runners out there. It presents various challenges based on different difficulty levels that a user might prefer. Camel Sport motivates the users to complete these challenges and even compete with others for the top spot on the leaderboard. Moreover, the users can even choose free runs to run at their preferred speed and add up the numbers.

Choose Your Path with Camel Sport - Free Runs for Freedom, Paid Challenges for Rewards

Users can participate in free or paid challenges according to their choice. The free run feature allows users to start a run without predefined goals. It was designed for users who wanted the flexibility to run at their own pace and for any distance they preferred. The free run feature also enables the user to pause and resume the run. For the paid challenges, the user has to pay the amount in HZM coins to participate in the challenge, and the user will get a reward based on their performance.


Run Secure, Run Free: Camel Sport - Where Decentralization Ensures Your Privacy

Camel Sports is a peer-to-peer app completely developed on a decentralized architecture that uses multiple servers/nodes instead of a single centralized server/node. Each of these servers is independent of the other and acts as an independent master server while tasking the necessary workloads as part of load balancing. There is no central authority to control users’ data, where the control is spread between participants in the system/server/nodes rather than being held by a central authority. 

The most secure, decentralized, end-to-end encrypted messaging apps send messages by routing them through a random selection of nodes on the network. There is a new set of nodes each time a new message traverses. This also allows for zero app downtime, as the server never goes down.

Achieve Your Goals, Compete with Friends, and Top the Leaderboard as a Team!

Camel Sport offers several attributes that make it easier for users to stay focused and complete their goals. They can even invite friends, participate in challenges together, and compete for the top spot of the leaderboard. What’s better than staying fit alone? Staying fit with your friends!


Key features of Camel Sport

For all the runners out there, Camel Sport offers the perfect set of features that ensure you stay on top of your running game. Simple tracking and goal features allow runners to monitor their progress and see where they stand on the leaderboard.



The users can accept free challenges for personal fitness or use HZM coins to join paid challenges.

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Challenge Analytics

Users can view their overall performance stats across various challenges. 



Users receive notifications regarding upcoming challenges, achievements, and other updates.

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Keep On Running

Join for a healthy lifestyle. With regular running challenges, feel active, energetic, and motivated, and don’t forget to refer Camel Sport to your friends.


Camel Sports

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This is a digital platform that encourages users to lead a healthy lifestyle.

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Other Features

There’s more to Camel Sport than we can put in words. Camel Sport encourages users to adopt a healthy lifestyle and start running today!


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