Pocket the Thrill, Rule the Board: HZM Carrom – Where Precision Meets Play!

Step into the dynamic world of HZM Carrom, where multiplayer gaming seamlessly fuses with simplicity and authenticity. Immerse yourself in lifelike physics and captivating animations that faithfully replicate the genuine feel of a carrom board. Navigate strategic gameplay, deftly pocketing pucks and shooting moves around the Queen. HZM Carrom invites players to experience the thrill of precise gameplay, adding depth and strategy to every move. Compete with other players in tournaments or "1 vs. 1," or invite your friends to sharpen your carrom skills together.

Hzm Laptop

Multiple Themes and Modes


HZM Carrom is the perfect partner during your boredom! Select from multiple colorful themes and modes to play and beat others to the top. With an immersive game design and real-life physics, you'll be playing for hours.

In-game Chat


What's the point of playing multiplayer if you can't chat with them? Now, chat and message your friends and opponents as you proceed with the game. It's time to build a carrom community spreading worldwide. 

Diverse Themes, Global Play: HZM Carrom - Connect, Compete, Conquer!

The exciting world of HZM Carrom awaits you! A highly addictive and digital rendition of our favorite board game, HZM Carrom lets you test your skills against your friends or other players worldwide. With three different modes to choose from, you can win your way to the top of the leaderboard. What else? Earn rewards to spend them in the in-game shop to buy and upgrade your strikers and pucks. Buy and upgrade to strikers and coins that speak of your gaming personality.

Play friend

Play with friends

Players can now enjoy a friendly match whenever they want. Once your friend accepts your invitation, enjoy endless fun and sharpen your carrom skills together.


1 vs 1

You can opt to play player vs player matches to hone your skills against different opponents. If the server cannot find an opponent, you will play against the AI.



Players can participate in regular tournaments and compete with the best players worldwide. You can strike your way to the top of the leaderboard.

HZM Tournament

Daily Rewards

Login everyday to catch your daily rewards. If you miss out on logging in, the daily rewards reset to “Day 1.


Free Coins

A little short on coins? There are handy ways to earn free coins and quickly add them to your total.



Compete in world tournaments against pro and amateur players to win your way to the biggest rewards. You can select from different prize pools to play and connect with other players during the match. Let’s form a world carrom community!

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Key Feature

select theme

Selection of Themes

Select from different themes and modes and play with players from different time zones.


Invite and Play with your friends

Hone your carrom skills with your friends, whenever you want.


Multiple tier tournament Worldwide

Win and progress through tournaments. Start from the lowest and win your way to the top.

HZM tournamnet

Unlock the wide range of strikers and pucks

Shop from our in-game store and build your collection of strikers and pucks.

Daily Reward

Daily Rewards

Log in every day to claim daily rewards and collect coins to shop from our in-game store.

Game Chat

In-game chat

Chat with other players, exchange tactics, and contribute to forming a healthy carrom community.

Other UI

Our brilliant UI/UX design speaks a volume and offers a truly engaging gaming experience.