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Elevate Your Adventure in the City Skies!

Strap in and soar to new heights in HZM City Sky! Take command in the pilot's seat, where every twist and turn challenges your hand-eye coordination and fuels your hunger for victory. Navigate the skies, dodge obstacles, and aim for sky-high scores. Are you ready for the ultimate aerial adventure?

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Swipe To Fly


Swipe the plane left or right to avoid obstacles and grab those precious coins mid-air. Make sure to swipe all the way to the edge of the screen to avoid crashing into buildings and beat your personal best.



Challenge the world's elite players as you ascend the leaderboard. Every coin collected and every swipe brings you nearer to the coveted top spot. And whatever you do, avoid crashing.

Navigate the Skies, Collect Coins, and Soar Beyond Limits!

Dive into the electrifying and thrilling world of HZM City Sky. With daily rewards enriching your coin stash, strategically spend them to unlock more 'lives' and extend your flying adventure. Navigate through towering buildings, dodge obstacles, and collect coins – the key to unlocking more 'lives' for prolonged flights in the vibrant city sky. 


Daily Reward

Claim your daily rewards that will allow you to maintain a high coin count in your wallet. Spend these coins to buy more "lives."



It takes time to master the skills, and if you do crash, use your "lives" to revive yourself and restart from the same point.



Dodge buildings and obstacles and collect coins to buy more "lives" so you can fly even longer and enjoy the city sky.

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HZM City Sky: Where the Skies are Limitless, and the Adventure is Endless

While you navigate the lively skies of HZM City Sky, revel in the thrill of mastering your flying skills and collect daily rewards. With the ability to revive using 'lives,' the journey is not only engaging but also forgiving, ensuring you can explore the vibrant city sky to your heart's content. Dodge obstacles, collect coins, and unlock additional 'lives' for extended flights, creating an immersive experience that promises endless excitement. So, spread your wings and soar high in HZM City Sky, where every moment celebrates skill, resilience, and the sheer joy of flying!



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