HZM Dropss

Tilt, Balance, Conquer—Every Drop Counts!

Embark on a delightful and challenging puzzle adventure with Dropsss, a game that tests your skills. Challenge yourself as you tilt your device, guiding the main drop to collect others while navigating through obstacles and borders. This engaging game is not just about fun; it's a journey to discover and enhance your capabilities. Brace yourself for a puzzle experience that keeps you on edge—master the art of movement, outsmart obstacles, and collect those drops for the win!

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Fun-filled obstacle course


Take your time to connect drops through a whole range of obstacle courses to challenge you. With each level, the course gets tricky, the obstacles become confusing, and the difficulty increases.



Use your device's motion sensitivity to tilt and balance the main drop, enhancing your control over its movement. The gyro-leveling ability introduces a tactile and immersive element to the game, requiring you to navigate through challenges skillfully.

Your Journey to Fun, Challenges, and Endless Levels of Excitement!

Dropsss is a straightforward game with a short playtime but guaranteed hours of fun. Grab your phones to tilt from left to right to make your way to the last drop. Can you score the perfect run in over 40 levels and collect all the coins? With beautiful graphics and simple physics, Dropsss will keep you returning for more.

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Perfect Run

Collect all the drops as quickly as you can and score the perfect three-star run. The ticking clock and the obstacles on your way are all set to test your patience and balancing abilities. Didn't score the perfect three-stars? Try again or skip level.



Coins are an extra set of incentives spread across each level. Collect coins on your way to the perfect run, but make sure to collect them all before collecting the last drop.


Over 40 levels

Players get to sharpen their skills and experience an engaging but refreshing gameplay spread across 40+ levels. Each level will test the player to Collect all the drops and coins and set the perfect three-star run.


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Your Perfect Run Awaits in Every Drop!

Dropsss is an immersive adventure designed to challenge and captivate players of all levels. With its fun-filled obstacle courses, gyro-leveling mechanics, and a perfect blend of simplicity and sophistication, it guarantees hours of engaging playtime. Chasing the Perfect Run, collecting Coins, and tackling over 40 levels make every moment with Dropsss worthwhile.


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