The Best-in-Class Pool Gaming Experience!

HZM Pool is an easy-to-play, online multiplayer pool game for all ages. The simple controls and real-life pool game physics with stunning animations make it one of the best smartphone gaming experiences. It provides the perfect opportunity to use your real-life pool skills and beat your virtual opponents without mercy. Play '1 vs. 1' matches or participate in world tournaments or simply with your friends; it is absolutely up to you how you want to enjoy your pool match.


Unleash Your Pool Skills

It's time you jump into the exciting world of the HZM pool and master your strokes. An addictive game that offers exciting challenges to each player. Sharpen your pool strategy to trump your opponents in '1 vs. 1' matches. Or, participate in the tournament and strive your way through experienced players to win big prizes. And if that isn't it, you can also invite your friends to play some friendly matches. As you win more games, you level up and earn more HZM coins.

Play Friends

Play with friends

Players can now enjoy a friendly joust during their free time. Once they accept your invitation, enjoy endless fun and sharpen your pool.


1 vs 1

 You can play player vs player matches in different arenas to hone your skills. Win matches consistently to level up and improve your stats.



Players can participate in regular tournaments to win big prizes. Once you win a tournament, you'll need a MetaMask ID for the prize transfer.

Pool Ball
Pool Ball

Level Up Your Game

Each player starts with 5000 HZM coins in their account. As players play more and win more, they will level up and can spend the HZM coins to buy better cue sticks from the in-game store. Each cue stick has its abilities and stats, allowing players to improve their shot precision and efficiency. Players can earn more HZM coins through 1vs1 games or participate and win tournaments for a big prize amount. They can spend these HZM coins in the game store to buy better cue sticks. Players can also watch videos to earn free coins. 

Blue Girl

What's Going On Behind The Scenes?


We exploited Unity Engine for the game that offered a complete package for development and deployment.


The Photon SDK allowed the design team to add seamless multiplayer options in the game.


Node.js provided the perfect base for backend engineering due to its scalability, high performance, and cross-functionality.

Pool Prize
Pool Stick

Play In A Variety Of Arenas From Around the World











Pool Ball
Pink Ball Stick

Other UI

Our brilliant UI/UX design speaks a volume and offers a truly engaging gaming experience.

Hzm Other pool
HZM Pool
HZM Pool
HZM Pool

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