HZM Sponsors Hidd Club Futsal Team.

We’re delighted to announce that HZM Coin, a forerunner in the digital cryptocurrency world, supporting Hidd Club Futsal Team’s upcoming 2021 season.

Recently, Mohamed Al Zobaie, CEO of HZM Coin, visited the club to endorse the sponsorship agreement. Receiving a warm welcome from the management and players, Mr. Al Zobaie reiterated the pivotal role of sports in nurturing healthy lifestyles and bridging communities, whilst expressing unwavering faith in the team’s imminent success this season.

HZM Coin’s active engagement at the club’s events and matches will not only allow a closer connection with their target demographic but also reinforce the company’s brand in the public’s eye.

The sponsorship is a manifestation of HZM Coin’s belief in sports as a catalyst for unity and community-building. HZM remains committed to uplifting local sports initiatives, promoting health-conscious, active lifestyles.