HZM – Time Square Ad

HZM Coin has started off the year very well, as HZM Ad was displayed on the Time Square for a week straight. It was recognized by many of the exchanges and has had their price chart displayed on the following: Binance, Coinbase, Crypto.com and more.

Despite the criticism HZM Coin has gotten, it was able to be recognized by the top exchange Binance. HZM kept proving people wrong along the way and was chosen to be among the 200 coins to be able to join CMC Gravity.

HZM Coin has had a good start from the beginning. Since its July 2021 launch, It started at the price of 0.0006 and have hit an All Time High 0.06 cents, but went down to the 0.0068 which is 10x the launch price.

The Coin started at the supply of 100 billion, and had burnt 95.5% of the coins which makes it 4.5 billion coins only, out of 3.9 Billion coins are already in the market. From Coinbase you are now able to swap your tokens with HZM.

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