Nemo Land Kingdom -The First Virtual Real Estate Metaverse in the Arab World

Not long ago, an online virtual world where you could immerse yourself by logging on to your computer and interacting with friends, family, and associates would have been futuristic.

A multidimensional consumer digital environment was considered a fantasy and science fiction concept. Unimaginable.

In stark contrast, reality has caught up with this once-theoretical advance in technology and the first metaverse in the Arab World, Nemo Land Kingdom, is now live.

As a result of human creativity, ingenuity, and a great deal of effort, many formerly infeasible scenarios have become a reality. The Nemo Land Kingdom is reshaping the concept of what a day-to-day life should be.

The Arabian metaverse is growing and gaining momentum in real estate in a big way. Discover what it's like to be a virtual landowner in the Nemo Land Kingdom below. But first,

What is the Nemo Land Kingdom?

The Nemo Land Kingdom is a metaverse reality space where you can make your avatar in a virtual world. Ancient civilizations, modern spaces, and the wildest fantasies are all integrated into this virtual reality experience.

The Nemo Land Kingdoms real estate covers parcels of land within the virtual world--these are pixels at their most basic level. But there is more to them than just digital images. They're programmable spaces in virtual reality platforms where you can attend meetings, play games, sell NFTs, socialize, perform virtual concerts, and much more.

The Nemo Land Kingdom is the first metaverse in the Arab world where you can buy, rent, or sell virtual lands for profit. You can choose from five different zones, 25 cities, and 4 million lands in an area that suits your business. Your virtual real estate ownership in the metaverse is all courtesy of the Blockchain, cryptocurrency, NFTs, and Web 3.0 technologies.

Some Benefits of Investing in the Nemo Land Kingdom

The Nemo Land Kingdom has a large user base that runs businesses, plays games, and invests in real estate. Some of the prime benefits of digital real estate include:

  • The key to success in the virtual metaverse era is to gain first mover advantage and to have a good location.
  • Early buyers will get a more significant share and value for money, while those who buy late will pay a premium value–as demand increases and supply decreases. Price increases are inevitable.
  • The price of virtual properties in the Nemo Land Kingdom is expected to increase, so your investment will grow.
  • Whether you're investing in luxury items or real estate properties, the goal is to secure your future, and the same is true for virtual assets.

Why Purchase Metaverse Real Estate?

It's a land rush in the digital world. The emergence of metaverse platforms attracts celebrities, utopian dreamers, venture capitalists, crypto millionaires, and average investors seeking above-average returns.

A metaverse aims to connect people online, and the Nemo Land Kingdom is no different. With your digitized land, you can play games and interact with others. Creators can monetize their work by charging for access to their property content or trading their NFTs.

Moreso, brands can advertise services and organize virtual product launches through virtual properties. These parcels of digitized land are attractive to real estate investors. You can develop, lease, or flip metaverse properties similar to real-life properties. Metaverse real estate has many possible applications.

How Much is Metaverse Real Estate Worth?

In 2017, when Decentraland held its first Terraform event hosting a LAND auction, a parcel of land costs a mere $20.Those parcels sold for an average of over $6,000 in 2021. By 2022, the prices have skyrocketed to approximately $15,000 per LAND token.

The land price for Nemo Land currently stands at $5 since it officially launched on 15th Sep 2022. You can buy virtual land using Ethereum. Nemo Land Kingdom's capital is home to some of the largest tourism and hospitality companies in the Arabian Gulf.

Currently, USDT will be the only payment method accepted. But after the hard fork is complete, Ethereum (ETH) will soon be accepted, and as soon as they upgrade, we will accept Ether (ETH) - HZM Coin will follow quickly.

As part of the Kingdom of Nemo Land metaverse launch from HZM Coin, Dr. Mohammed Al-Arab revealed the city of dinosaurs in the Kingdom of Nemo Land on 14th Sep 2022. To keep up with user expectations, developers have made three updates to service additions since 15th Sep 2022:

  • Live chat
  • Location search button
  • A user-friendly user interface and improved navigation between worlds

How to Buy in the Nemo Land Kingdom

A desktop browser on Windows or Mac (Chrome is recommended) is the best way to complete the purchase. For now, the team is working on making purchases directly from phones, and it will be an option soon

  1. Create a Meta Mask wallet. Meta mask wallet requires Ethereum balance–charges USDT / erc20.
  2. Enter the Nemo Land website and create your account.
  3. Set up a link between the above account and the Meta Mask wallet you created.
  4. Choose the land you want to purchase in the Nemo Land Kingdom and buy it. The Kingdom of Nemo Land has many worlds, including the world of water
  5. Finally, ensure your Meta Mask wallet has some Ether (ETH) to complete your purchase.

Factors Affecting Metaverse Real Estate Value

Digital real estate retains its value in the metaverse for many reasons. The virtual space you purchase consists of a certain number of pixels. Invariably, larger parcels of virtual land will cost more than smaller ones. A parcel's overall size determines its value.

The parcel's location and proximity to landmarks can also impact its value. The price of virtual land will be higher if it is located near well-known corporations or celebrities. In addition to value, virtual real estate can also be valued based on potential uses. For example, having a plot of land adjacent to a VR street may be more valuable since it provides more display advertising opportunities.

Lastly, platform adoption rates can determine the value of metaverse real estate. A popular platform usually has a higher real estate price.

How Does Investing in Metaverse Real Estate Look in the Future?

In the long-term, investing in the metaverse will depend on the very future of the metaverse. Indeed, some huge and influential organizations – from Facebook (now known as Meta) to Nvidia and Microsoft are betting big that it is essentially the "next generation" of the internet.

If that turns out to be the case – and the metaverse goes on to be as crucial to business and society over the next 20 years as the world wide web has done over the last 20 years – then digital real estate is likely to become an increasingly exciting and valuable asset. Digital allows us to build audiences and create exciting new products and services, from big businesses to personal brands and influencers.

The metaverse may be more immersive and time-consuming than the web and social media. As a result, the digital real estate and land market will likely have a healthy future. Considering that metaverse real estate transactions are expected to reach $1 billion by 2022, it's exciting to think about.

For more information about investing in the Nemo Land Kingdom, click here.