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Tokenizing Creativity – NFTs Influence on the Art and Entertainment Industry

Digitalization has crept into almost all spheres of life, the art and entertainment industry included. Today, NFTs play a major part in the art and entertainment industry. The future of NFT is intertwined with the future of the entertainment industry.

Impact of NFTs on the Art and Entertainment

Let’s understand the impact of NFTs on the art and entertainment sector. To understand this, we must go back in time to appreciate the role of digitization in art, music and films.

Each of these industries has made a slow and steady progression in the field of digitization. From tape recorders to cassettes and from CDs to digital music services, the music industry has come a long way. Art and films have also had their fair share of digitization.

While Intellectual Property laws protect the creativity of an artist in films, art and music, these laws did not keep up with the rapid digital revolution. There needed to be something stronger and more stringent when it came to protecting the rights of the artists. This is where NFTs came into the picture.

NFTs or the Non Fungible Tokens are digital certificates built on the blockchain network. NFTs are a way artists can guarantee recognition of their original work on a digital platform.

For example, let’s take that you have created instrumental content and shared it online. Once you share it online, it’s available to a larger audience. It is impossible to ensure that none of these listeners will use your instrumental piece without your permission.

Even if you have identified the theft, filing a case against them would be a long-drawn process, involving time and money.

NFTs can help right here. Transactions are recorded on a public ledger that cannot be altered or erased. Thereby, guaranteeing artists royalty throughout.

Therefore, it is very evident that NFTs play a major and important role in the art and entertainment industry. Artists can now be recognized for their talents. NFT also prevents plagiarism of sorts. The future of NFTs is here to stay.

NFTs and the Metaverse growth in the Middle East

While the NFT and Metaverse are gaining popularity all over the world, the Middle East is also in the Metaverse race. The Metaverse growth in Middle East has seen a phenomenal rise. Nemo Land Kingdom, the metaverse kingdom created by HZM is one of the most popular HZM projects in NFT.

HZM Coin is a cryptocurrency built-in blockchain technology. You can buy and sell your land and become the true owner of land on the metaverse. Nemo Land Kingdom is a large collection of NFTs and is an important HZM project in NFT.

You can trade land on the metaverse through metaverse crypto like the HZM coin. The metaverse growth in the Middle East has seen significant value after the introduction of the Arab world’s first cryptocurrency, the HZM coin.


NFTs and cryptocurrency are here to stay. The impact of NFTs on all industries is apparent. However, the nature of the art and entertainment industry renders it one of the most impacted industries.
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