Nemo Land Kingdom is the first Metaverse in the Arab World. Buy, develop, rent or sell virtual lands for profit. Choose from 5 different zone, 25 cities and 4 million lands an area which suits your business. Powered by Blockchain, cryptocurrency, NFTs and Web 3.0 technologies, you are the true owner of the land.


Nemo Land Kingdom

Nemo Land Kingdom is the first metaverse of the Arab world from the creators of HZM coin.

It is a virtual kingdom where users can live, work, interact with other individuals from the comfort of their couch in the physical world. Users can buy virtual lands using cryptocurrency (ETH, USDT and HZM) and build them using their own creativity - be it a mansion or a shopping complex or a museum to name a few. This is the perfect place to bring your creativity into virtual reality. The best part is that you are the exclusive owner of your own creativity and can even earn from it. You can sell the lands at the prices of your choice.


Nemo Land and Blockchain

Nemo Land Kingdom is a large collection of NFTs where each land is an ERC721 token deployed on Ethereum’s mainnet. All the lands are ready to be minted and once they are minted the owner can see their owned lands in their wallet. The lands or NFTs also become available in the OpenSea marketplace. Subsequently, these can be transferred or sold either from the Nemo Land website or from the OpenSea marketplace.

Lands in Nemo Land

There are 4 million+ lands available in the Nemo Land Kingdom each of size 10m x 10m. These are divided across 5 zones and 25 cities with different base prices for each zone. Either the lands are available individually or in the form of estates. An estate is a collection of lands with 4 different sizes i.e. multiples of 3x3, 6x6, 9x9 and 12x12 lands. A smart contract according to the ERC721 standard has been deployed on the ethereum mainnet @0x91e2bdbfBD03BE4DB28944E4a45E3EEb636F781c.


5 ZONES    |    25 CITIES    |    4 MILLION LANDS

Sales Agents

Nemo Land Kingdom has the concept of referrals so that the promoters of Nemo Land Kingdom can earn commission from the sales of the lands through them. Any user can register as a Sales Agent and any land sold through the Sales Agent gives him/her a commission.


Technology Stack


All the Ethereum mainnet integration is through the upgradeable smart contracts namely ERC721 written in Solidity with HZM, USDT and ETH as currency.


Raster tile generation using ImageMagick, Infura integration for blockchain events, Web3 APIs for smart contract interaction, clustered Node.js


MetaMask web and mobile integration, interactive maps support with leaflet, mobile friendly.


Each land in the Nemo Land Kingdom is an ERC721 token deployed on Ethereum’s mainnet.


MongoDB used as a database in the clustered environment to support thousands of concurrent users.

Blockchain Events and Database Synchronisation

We needed the entire system to be decentralized but at the same time did not want the blockchain to slow down our metaverse users’ experience. So, we have saved the relevant blockchain data in our database and we rely heavily on the blockchain events and Web3 APIs to keep our database in sync with the blockchain transactions.


All the transactions are written directly into the blockchain ensuring decentralisation and security. The blockchain events and Web 3.0 APIs use Infura / web3.eth.subscribe to keep our database in sync with the Ethereum transactions in real time. Any information required in our Metaverse frontend is fetched directly from our own backend leading to a highly performant metaverse experience.

Currencies Supported

Nemo Land Kingdom is capable of supporting payment in any ERC token available on the EVM chain. Currently Nemo Land supports USDT, ETH and HZM.




Mobile Friendly

The web application is completely responsive with PC, Mac, mobile phone, tablet and iPad support. This allows the users to do all the transactions from their mobile phones.


Consolidate Futuristic Presence



All the interactions between the Nemo Land backend servers and Nemo Land smart contracts are cryptographically secured with the help of asymmetric cryptography to prevent altering the data. The system is highly secure with multiple firewalls.



Credit cards have made it extremely common for people in the West to carry no cash; some even depend on their cell phones for Apple Pay. In the Arab World, however, it is still more common to pay in cash. Sometimes, it is the only method accepted. But cryptocurrency has allowed people to move money into a digital format while profiting from their investments.

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Not long ago, an online virtual world where you could immerse yourself by logging on to your computer and interacting with friends, family, and associates would have been futuristic.

A multidimensional consumer digital environment was considered a fantasy and science fiction

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