January 2021

Planning and Development

July 2021

Launch on WhiteBIT – DONE

WhiteBIT is centralized crypto-to-fiat exchange platform with a European Exchange and Custody license. The platform currently serves 190 countries and over 300,000 users.

August 2021

Launch on XT.COM – DONE

XT.COM is ranks TOP 40 on CoinMarketCap and has introduced more than 300 digital assets, including mainstream coins, popular DeFi, NFT, Metaverse, all of which can be visited on XT.COM.

October 2021

HZM Company – DONE

Establish HZM Company in Cayman Island.

October 2021

Burn 80 Billion HZM – DONE

HZM did a burn of 80% (80 Billion HZM coin) of the total supply.

November 2021

Burn 15 Billion HZM – DONE

HZM did another burn of 15% (15 Billion HZM coin) of the total supply.

November 2021

Hidd Club Sponsorship – DONE

HZM Sponsored Futsal Team.

December 2021

Launch on LBANK – DONE

LBANK is the world’s leading digital asset exchange, providing global users with safe, professional and convenient digital asset exchange services, investment services and financial services. As the Top10 digital asset exchange in the world, we have over 4.5 million of registered users and average daily trading volume reached 1.5 billion US dollars.

December 2021

Bahrain Club Sponsorship – DONE

Hzm Sponsored Basketball Team.

December 2021

HZM Basketball Mobile App – DONE

HZM Basketball is a fun game, where any user can compete with all over the world. Tap to score and watch out for the time.

December 2021

Crypto Souq Mobile App – DONE

Crypto Souq is a platform powered by HZM Coin that makes it simple and secure for assets, goods and services to be purchased, sold and rented using crypto currencies.

This platform gives users the ability to exchange value, digitally, from person to person (“P2P”), quickly, securely, and efficiently without the need to use third parties.

Crypto market is a new business model that transitioning the way we use our crypto, in other word we are not creating a new business model; we are transitioning an entire global industry.

January 2022

Burn 550 Million HZM – DONE

HZM did a burn of 0.55% of the total supply.

January 2022

HZM – Time Square Ad – DONE

HZM was proudly displayed on Retuers Time Square Screens for a week straight.

March 2022

HZM Carrom Mobile App – DONE

HZM Carrom is easy to play a multi-player game. This will give you the experience of playing with a real Carrom board. The physics and animation of the game are exceptionally good and it feels like you are playing with a real-life Carrom board. Get ready to pocket the coins & Queen and score as much as possible.

April 2022

Launch on BitMart – DONE

BitMart is a global cryptocurrency exchange that allows individuals and institutions to buy, sell, and trade over 1,000 cryptocurrencies.

In addition to advanced cryptocurrency spot and futures trading dashboards, BitMart offers a simple buy/sell crypto feature for beginners and a range of crypto-earning opportunities.

April 2022

Launch on BigONE – DONE

BigONE is a global cryptocurrency exchange that provides a platform for trading various cryptocurrencies. It was founded in 2017 and registered in the Netherlands. The group operates in Russia, Brazil, Vietnam, Seychelles, Singapore, Japan, and Indonesia, providing marketing, investment, and blockchain technology research & development.

April 2022

Launch on DigiFinex – DONE

DigiFinex is a global digital asset management platform headquartered in Hong Kong. Their presence across Asia makes us the preferred trading platform of more than 4 million users across the globe.

May 2022


Meet our unique Camel NFT art collection on OpenSea.

May 2022

Launch on Simplex – DONE

Simplex (acquired by Nuvei) is an EU-licensed financial institution that process crypto-to-credit and debit card payments, adds HZM Coin (HZM) to its vast list of supported cryptocurrencies.

May 2022

Launch on Bitrue – DONE

Bitrue is a cryptocurrency exchange and financial platform with advanced trading features and opportunities to earn interest through several staking and investment programs. The combination of offerings is best for intermediate to advanced cryptocurrency users looking for active trading, futures, lending, and high-yields for staking.



HZM Coin has hit a number of milestones in just a short time, including integrating the coin with online gaming platforms and donating to charitable organizations. Above is just a glimpse of what HZM Coin has accomplished so far.