January 2021

  • Planning and development phase.

July 2021

August 2021

October 2021

  • HZM Company is established in the Cayman Islands.

November 2021

  • HZM sponsors Hidd Club Futsal Team.

December 2021

  • HZM launches on LBANK.
  • HZM sponsors Bahrain Club Basketball Team.
  • HZM releases HZM Basketball Game.
  • HZM releases Crypto Souq App.

January 2022

  • HZM is featured on the Reuters screens in Times Square for a week.

March 2022

  • HZM releases HZM Carrom Game. (Play-to-Earn)

April 2022

  • HZM launches on BitMart.
  • HZM launches on BigONE.
  • HZM launches on DigiFinex.

May 2022

  • HZM releases an NFT art collection on OpenSea.
  • HZM launches on Simplex by Nuvei.
  • HZM launches on Bitrue.

June 2022

  • HZM completes CertiK Smart Contract audit process.
  • HZM and ChicMic signed a strategic partnership (Technology Partner).
  • HZM completes Smart Contract swap from V1 to V2.
  • HZM sponsored BitMart & CertiK party.
  • HZM completes the CertiK KYC process.

July 2022

August 2022

  • HZM releases HZM Camel Run Game.
  • HZM releases Camel Sport App. (Move-to-Earn)
  • HZM release HZM Pool Game. (Play-to-Earn)

September 2022

  • HZM release HZM Dropsss Game.
  • HZM release HZM City Sky Game.
  • HZM release HZM Expressway Game.

October 2022

  • HZM launches Metaverse virtual world on Ethereum Blockchain.

November 2022

  • HZM launches Charity Donation Portal.
  • HZM participated in Cityscape (Exhibition world Bahrain) to showcase Nemo Land Kingdom.

January 2023

  • HZM release HZM Poker Game. (Play-to-Earn)
  • HZM sponsors Hidd Club Futsal Team.

February 2023

  • HZMCoin is verified  on @twitter.
  • Mejhool is verified on @twitter.
  • NemoLandKingdom is verified on @twitter.
  • HZM to launch HZM Pool Pro Game. (In-Progress)
  • HZM to releases Mejhool social application based on Web 3.0 technologies. (In-Progress)

December 2023

Future Plans

  • HZM Wallet
  • HZM Payment Gateway



HZM Coin has hit a number of milestones in just a short time, including integrating the coin with online gaming platforms and donating to charitable organizations. Above is just a glimpse of what HZM Coin has accomplished so far.