Frequently Asked Questions

What is HZM Coin Project?

HZM, is backed by a many Apps/dApps such as Utilities, Social, Sports, Fitness, Games, Charitable Website and Metaverse.

Is the HZM coin ERC-20 compatible?

Yes, the HZM Coin is based on the Ethereum blockchain platform and ERC-20 compatible.

Am I buying on my own Risk?

Yes, you are responsible for your own decisions as the crypto market is volatile.

Where and how do I keep my HZM Coin?

You can keep your HZM Coin in every wallet, which is ERC-20 compatible and supports the HZM Coin.

What is the total Supply of HZM Coin?

Old Smart Contract:

0xec1b7eb3d3cfac7027fa60b5376e5eadef4f1300 *

New Smart Contract:


 Old Max Supply:

100 Billion

New Max Supply:


* Smart Contract has been replaced by a new one as per CertiK Audit Report.

How to buy HZM Coin?

HZM Coin available on the following Exchanges:

Also, you can buy it using your Debit or Credit Card:

What was the launch price of HZM Coin?

$ 0.0006

What is HZM Etherscan Address?
How to keep up with latest on with HZM Coin?

The most authentic source of HZM information is through

also you can visit or for the up-to-date Prices and Charts.

Is HZM an audited project?

HZM was Audited by CertiK.

CertiK is a security blockchain with many uses. Primarily, it uses its in-house Formal Verification technology to conduct security audits. The company conducts security audits for blockchain protocols, wallets, DApps, and smart contracts.

Did HZM Swap their Smart Contract?

We have Swap our Smart Contract.

HZM has taken a snapshot of user’s assets, and subsequently will exchange tokens according to the ratio of 1:1.

The new address of the HZM contract is:

The old address of the HZM contract is:

After the upgrade is completed, HZM and all Exchanges will no longer support the deposit and withdrawal of the old HZM tokens. If you deposit your HZM, it will not be returned for processing!

Please pay attention to whether the contract address is correct when depositing to avoid unnecessary losses to you.

for other info, please email us on with subject “Smart Contract Swap

Are HZM Founder's KYC'd?

HZM Founder were KYC'd by CertiK.

A CertiK KYC badge (a “Badge”) is issued upon completion of “know your customers (KYC)” vetting process. The vetting process is designed with the aim of de-anonymizing developers and enhancing transparency in the crypto industry and it consists of the following procedures:

  1. Identity Verification. Collect [multiple forms of] identification documents from members of the project and run these documents through a third-party verification platform, in order to verify ID legitimacy, conduct liveness check and obtain an individualized risk score.
  2. KYC Questionnaire. Collects information from persons internal to and responsible for the project as well as documentary evidence showing their roles with respect to the project.
  3. Investigation & Review. Analyze and review the information collected through the procedures set forth above.
  4. Recorded Video Call. Conduct a live, recorded meeting to live-verify all of the identification documents provided.